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Pure Skin International – Beautifully crafted equipment, providing the latest innovations in the beauty and wellbeing field.  Designed in the UK and manufactured in Italy. 

Over 40 years’ experience in aesthetic beauty and wellbeing field, as successful clinic owners we believe we understand the needs of other businesses’ in today’s competitive market place, working with bio-engineers, doctors and skilled staff, to offer revolutionary multi performing technologies that ensure your business will stand out from the crowd.

With equipment for both the face and body, we offer technologies that are bespoke and prescriptive providing a new approach to clients concerns, with total confidence and knowledge that they have been tried and tested and produce real results.

We offer competitive prices, backed by affordable finance and coupled with outstanding customer service.

Our ongoing national media campaigns will bring consistent new business through your door.

All the way from Italy direct to your salon….

‘It is very important to me that we offer technology that stands out from the crowd, that the price of any device is such that our clients make money from day one and that our equipment does exactly what we say it will and that it really works and will last rather than being an expensive industry fad. For many years I have been running my own successful clinics and I understand the needs of our clients, I have often felt let down by many purchases I have made, where the equipment has later to be discovered cheaply made, resulting in constant service repairs, to customer service that has been lacking and sometimes non existent, we want to ensure that every client not only receives the most amazing technologies that will sky rocket their revenue but that they also have the back up of our customer service to ensure their business is a success, coupled with outstanding training’

Jayne Mitchell

Founder & Managing Director, Pure Skin International Limited


Since I started with PureSkin, my business has expanded beyond imagination. Clients love the visible effects shown after just one treatment and the end results are astonishing. So many people have suffered for years with scars, stretch marks and unwanted wrinkles and now I can offer them an affordable treatment which will remove them.

Kathleen Blades
This machine is amazing, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. I get so excited before each treatment as the results are just incredible! You change people on the outside but the best thing is your changing them on the inside too, people walk out feeling more confident and I’ve even had one lady who can now see better after her eye lift – it’s life changing The technology and potential treatments are just one of a kind! I can not fake the enthusiasm and belief I have in the achievements of the machines results. Being able to remove Tattooed brows to scars and lift eye lids it’s just, well unbelievable, every time I use it I’m amazed!
Susan Green

Pure Skin has been an excellent addition to our treatment portfolio. It offers clients a real alternative to surgical treatments. Our non-surgical blepharoplasty treatment is a best seller! The training and aftercare support is excellent.

Dr Nick Sinden